2013 has been full of changes for our family : new school for our son, meaning new schedules, new friends, and a change in the pace of our days.

These all may sound like significant changes especially considering the 25 minute (each way) 4 times a day drive I have added on to my everyday … But one thing that has been the most significant change in our lives is juicing.

I bought my husband a juicer for Christmas (Breville IKON), he has always wanted a better one, and he drinks store bought carrot juice by the litre. (Hello expensive!) I had never been a big fan of vegetable juice, but my good friend Jenny McKinney started me on the movies Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry For Change. I have also always admired Kris Carr and her amazing journey with Crazy, Sexy, Diet. After seeing these movies and reading more about Ms. Carr, I was sold. Plus I needed to get him a Christmas gift! Check that one off the list.

Well after the craziness of Christmas and the new routine settled down we found ourselves juicing every SINGLE day and craving it. Nothing fancy, just any greens (beets, carrots, celery, kale, dandelion, spinach, cucumber) we can organically get our hands on throw it in with at least two Granny Smith apples and a grapefruit and we are good to go.

The most surprising part has been how much it has changed our dispositions and attitude towards much of everything. The usual things that might have previously sent me over the bend, just didnt have the same reaction from me. I finally realized it one day when I went into the office and someone had made a comment about skin/glow etc … And I thought to myself: What had I been doing differently? Da JUICE!

So when trying to decide if glow was my make-up Shimmer Waves Blush from The Body Shop (ummm fav product ever!) or the juice shining through in my attitude towards many things in my everyday, I wholeheartedly decided it was the juice. Besides I’ve been wearing the same blush for 8 years.